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ICT Facilities

Rivergreen has been responsible for the implementation of some of the largest and most important data centres in Europe. Our responsibility has ranged from site location and acquisition negotiations, through conceptual and detailed design, to construction management during the building phase. These centres are typically complex and highly engineered facilities displaying the following characteristics:

  • high power needs and back-up
  • precision cooling
  • military grade security
  • n+1 redundancy
  • sophisticated building management system

Our experience includes delivery of the following operating facilities:

  • A 13,200 sq m data centre in West London owned and operated by an international bank
  • The Hutchison 3G data centre in Stockholm, Sweden
  • A 11,100 sq m data centre in Dublin, Ireland
  • A 6,100 sq m data centre in Amsterdam, Netherlands

We have also undertaken feasibility studies for various clients in relation to proposed ICT facilities in Duesseldorf, Stuttgart, Vienna, Lyon, Madrid, Milan, and Zurich. We have developed a 'generic' data centre design to accommodate the varying standards that exist throughout Europe. This design is capable of site specific implementation with minimum modification while incorporating 'best of breed' philosophy. The design work itself represents the outcome of an intensive collaboration between several teams of architects and engineers from Germany, France and the UK.